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The Weed Shop


The Weed Shop is a three floors design, with special Jamaican flavor and colors. the first floor, the entrance level, includes large transparent front windows and entrance door.
Above the entrance door there is a large weed logo with a matching roof-top. the floor is designed in warm brown and green colors, with a gray pavement in the front. inside the first floor, a wooden bar for your convenience and special buying experience. from there, a red-green-yellow Jamaican design stair-case will lead you to the second floor. don’t forgot to try our new flavor, rolled-up and ready to go.

The second and the third floor, are built in sand colors, with decorated poles and prolong brown windows. all floors can be easily separated, outlined in gray colors, giving the model a unique combination of colors and finesse. inside the second and third floor, you will find more enjoyable and entertaining areas to explore. in the second floor, a special lounge area, near by a piano for the inspired and the groovy spirit that is within you. you may go “higher” to the third floor, just follow the red-green-yellow flow. there, you will find our small hydroponic growing farm. remember, entrance allowed for employees only, we won’t give our special recipes easily 😉

The Weed Shop also includes a decorated roof, in gray colors. sometime you just need to take a good “breath”, chill & relax and enjoy the view.

  • This model requires 1522 Lego® pieces/bricks which are not included with this purchase.
  • It contains 4 PDF files with a total of 426 pages and 393 levels of instructions.
  • Model dimensions: 12.8cm (width),  19.6cm (length), 28.6cm (height), 1456.7g (weight).
  • The download link for the instructions manual and parts list will be sent to your Email address.


What you will receive by purchasing this design:

  • A link to download the instructions manual in PDF format (compatible with PC and Mac) which also includes a list of required bricks/pieces to build this model.
  • The instructions are comprehensive and easy to read/follow.
  • The pieces required for each step are highlighted (just like a real Lego® manual).

Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary from what appears in photos!


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