BlocksAndMOCs is the upbringing of my personal Lego creations into a website.
The site was designed and created for you, those who want to build unique, well-constructed, highly-resistant models, that focus mainly on realistic and playable features.

My name is Kiko, I am a Lego artist, with a full record of planning, creating and building large “real-life” Lego models for companies, personals and firstly, for my own pleasure and joy.
Lego have influenced my life from early childhood until adulthood, it was present in good times and supported me deeply in bad times.

All my designs were created with desire and interest, things that I personally love and still enjoy playing with.
I keep special attention to small and important details so not only that they look great, but they also have the “play/swoosh” factor that we all enjoy from real Lego® sets.

I am constantly working on new ideas, there are plenty of ideas that keep me busy.

If you are looking for a specific model and I still don’t have it in the Designs section, use this request form to send me your idea(s) and I will be happy to create it for you.

Keep checking back as I am constantly releasing new models.

Happy Building!
Kiko @ BlocksAndMOCs